House Of Bamboo

arizman.com - Bamboo is a natural material commonly found in Indonesia. Various creations can produced from bamboo such like musical instruments, furniture until home materials that used in house of bamboo.

Bamboo has a pliant and elastic fibers able to withstand the compressive load, tensile, shear and buckling properly. In addition, the abundant presence in nature, cheap and period of relatively fast growth to be other advantages compared with wood materials.

But bamboo as a home material vulnerable to moisture, termites and beetles. That can be overcome with process preservation bamboo properly. In applications, bamboo that functioned as a column not to built to direct contact with the ground but built on the base a foundation pedestals that elevated or commonly called 'The Stage of Construction' .

In Indonesia, house of bamboo identical with Sundanese (West Java) traditional house, found in a simple structure or commonly called 'Saung' until semi-permanent house with a combination of modern material like brick walls, natural stone, ceramic floor and roof tiles. As semi-permanent house usually built for 1 level but also found in terraced house which need review of terraced house construction.

Characteristic of the sundanese traditional houses are usually found 'bale - bale'. Bale - bale is 'furniture' that made from bamboo and wood that elevated, usually placed on the front porch or the back of the house. The connection between structure regularly using bolts, nails or pegs with the fibers as a fastening. Combination of bamboo and rattan ties in the interior and furniture make perfect the house of bamboo.

The uniqueness of bamboo has pliant and elastic fibers also light weight. It made of bamboo houses more resistant to earthquakes, such as houses in the village of Naga that dominated elements of bamboo and wood when ever there was an earthquake in Tasikmalaya West Java several years ago.

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