Review Of Terraced House Construction

arizman.com - House of terraced is a house which has layers of floor more than one, generally two level. Houses that have 3-4 layers of flooring is classified as low-rise buildings.

In house of no terraced, the strength of the building structure is situated on a combination of sloof, practical columns, ringbalk and the installation of anchors between columns and beams, columns and walls also ringbalk and truss.

Unlike ordinary house, review of terraced house construction especially for 3-4 floors:

1. Mechanics Calculations
To analyze the load and mechanics calculation to determine the amount of load that works as a basis to seek the moment, latitude force, and the shear force due to fixed load.
2. Planning of Construction
Conducting soil investigation to determine the type, size, and depth of the right foundation. Determining dimensions and the reinforcement of concrete structures based on permits tension of materials and mechanics calculation results also planning column is stronger than its beam and make the beam more powerful than the floor plate.
3. Calculate The Earthquake Force
Doing a count control of structural dimensions that have been obtained, provide security number to quake zone earthquake area and to provide reinforcement diagonal bar which in pairs in the structure of the building.

Avoiding a complex home form and irregular is to be a good choice because of the house is wasteful also less reliable against earthquake forces.

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